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Check Which Chromebooks Support Android Apps and Install These Best Apps for Chromebook

by Fahad Saleem

Google has been planning to transform its business model into an ecosystem in which products and services will be linked. With low-cost Chromebooks, it started targeting a niche customer base, but the Chromebook product line failed to get a significant product line. But Google has now announced that Chromebooks will support Android apps. Which Chromebooks support Android apps, you ask? Well, Google has given a list of the Chromebooks which support Android apps. To start, Chromebook like Asus Chromebook Flip, Acer Chromebook R11 / C738T and Google Chromebook Pixel (2015) support Android app. Apart from these, as a general rule, every Chromebook that will be launched in 2017 will have support for all Android apps.  Google has shared a detailed list of all the Chromebooks that support or will support Android apps. You can check out that list here. These Chromebooks include those made by Acer, Asus, Dell, AOpen,HP, Hexa,  HiSense, Lava.

Chrome OS supporting Android apps is a big news. This will allow users to enjoy all Android apps on a big screen laptop. So that means you can play Android games on your laptop, install useful mobile apps for productivity and fun on your Chromebook.

Best Android Apps for Chromebooks


Slack is one of the best apps for your Chromebook, especially if you work in a collaborative environment. Slack offers you a cross-platform using which you can track all your projects, progress, calls and much more.

Leap Day

Android apps on Chromebook means you’ll be able to install any Android game on your Chromebook. Leap Day game is perfect for Chromebook because you can click for every jump. The character goes up and up on different levels. The game is simple and addictive.

Monument Valley

The famous Android game Monument Valley comes to Google Chromebooks. This is one of the best puzzle games of all time. The best part is that you can handle all the movements by clicks, so it will be fun to play it on a Chromebook.


Unclouded is an Android app used to manage stuff in the Cloud. Chromebooks have integrated support for Google Drive. But this app also provides access and integration with other Cloud platforms like Dropbox, OneDrive, Box and Mega.

Microsoft Office Apps

At last Chromebook users will be able to use the mobile versions of Microsoft office. You can install Microsoft Office’s suite, consisting of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and all the related software, for free in your Chromebook after the latest announcement by Google.

Amazon Kindle App

You can now install Kindle app in your Chromebook and turn it into an amazing book reader. Kindle app has thousands of books and magazines integrated within the app.

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