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Check out Dj Juice M scratch it on Microsoft Surface Studio

by Felix Omondi
dj juice m surface studio xbox controller

When it comes to touchscreen computing, Microsoft has engraved its name right there besides Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS devices. When you look at the desktop space, Microsoft rules with its 2-in-1 devices that double up as a tablet and a laptop. The Windows 10 OS works great on these hybrid devices.

Microsoft computers, the Surface line of devices, has moved from massive number crunching machines for business analysts on spreadsheets, to a canvas for the artistics folks looking to draw their next Picasso.

There is no doubt that Microsoft push to have desktop devices less boring is bearing fruits. You only need to look at DJ Juice M new spin table to agree with that statement.

DJ Juice M posted a video to her one million plus subscribers on YouTube and over four million followers on Facebook of her scratching the beat on the Surface Studio and an Xbox controller. She was working on the DJay Pro software. Check out the video below, to get what I mean:


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