Check out the new Mini Electric an electric future-oriented edition of the classic Mini

Mini Electric

Today’s modern electric cars are small compared to their diesel and petrol burning counterparts; though there are some that are just as big. However, Mini was among the pioneers of small build cars, and although they became popular over the years as people’s needs changed to prefer more space for luggage and passengers. The brand does not want to be left in the history books in this modern age.

The brand has released a new version, similar to the old one in all ways except it is electric powered. The company appears to have taken out the internal combustion engine on the older car, and replaced it with a battery pack, electric motor, and a charging port. So before you think of pulling off a heist on this car, give it some time to juice up before hitting the road.

The iconic Mini badge at the front of the small car has now been replaced with an electric logo found on the company’s new electric concept cars. This particular Mini Electric is a one-off vehicle. Meaning you should not expect to see it in a showroom in anywhere around the world.

However, the Mini electric concept is a work-in-progress, which the company says it wants to build on for future electric cars.

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