Check out the new LibreOffice 6.2 that comes with optional Tabbed Ribbon-like UI

libreoffice 6.2

The Document Foundation has released an upgrade to its popular open source Office Suite LibreOffice; version 6.2. There are some new improvements and features you are going to like. One of which, being the new Ribbon user interface like the one we find in Microsoft Office.

Before we get into LibreOffice 6.2, let’s talk about the fact that the developers began integrating the then-called Notebookbare into the Office suite back in 2017 with the release of LibreOffice 5.3. Though it would appear most LibreOffice users don’t like the Ribbon interface, and so, it has been disabled by default.

To activate the new ribbon-like interface, go to Select View > User Interface and choose one of the available interfaces; Writer, Impress, Calc or Draw.

The new version 6.2 also comes with The Gougedbar Compact interface (that was previously in beta) and is now available for selection. You can download the new LibreOffice 6.2.0 to all supported operating system from the official project website here. The download is available as either web download or torrent download. If you already have a LibreOffice installed, you don’t need to first uninstall it. You can simply upgrade.

LibreOffice comes with new changes for Mac and Linux compatibility. This version requires Mac OS X 10.0 to run, and it is already being reported its successor, the next LibreOffice release, will require at least Mac OS X 10.10.

For Linux, the LibreOffice developers say the 32-bit binaries will be demoted. This version will be the last one with x86 builds to be produced by The Document Foundation. More details can be found on the changelog available at the official site listing all the changes.

LibreOffice 6.2

LibreOffice has been a lifesaver for computer users who cannot afford the premium Microsoft Office Suite. Though you also have the Google Office suite (Docs, Sheets, and Slides) for free, they are still essentially web apps and don’t perform effectively when completely offline. At least nothing close to Office suites like LibreOffice and Microsoft Office that were designed from the ground up to run offline.

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