Check out the new Reactions coming to Facebook Messenger app near you soon

facebook messenger reactions

Emojis and Reactions are the spice of modern day communication, which mostly takes place online. Yes, I said much of human-to-human communication take place online. You talk with your friends and colleagues via social media than when you meet face-to-face in person.

Well, Facebook has more of that spice up for serving. It is currently working on releasing a set of new Reaction on Facebook Messenger.

That was revealed by Reverse Engineer Jane Wong, who shared the details on Twitter. It appears the new Reactions will be more details with better-animated reactions, and emojis.

Though as it appears, it doesn’t look like Facebook will be bringing new Reactions. It is only improving on animation, color, and appearance. I guess you could say Facebook is giving its Reactions more bells and whistle.

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