Chimera Jailbreak v1.2.8 now available for downloads with support for iDevices running iOS 12.4 on A9-A11 chips

Chimera Jailbreak v1.2.8 now available for downloads with support for iDevices running iOS 12.4 on A9-A11 chips

Here’s some good news to all you renegade iDevices users out there, who wants to remain unchained from Apple’s rules and regulations. While pushing your iPhone or iPads to their very limits. The Electra Team has released a new (updated) version of the Chimera Jailbreak.

The latest version, v1.2.8 was release went live last Sunday evening. The Electra Team made this announcement on Twitter. Perhaps before you get online searching for the jailbreak, you might want to ensure that your device first supports this new updated Chimera Jailbreak. The Electra Team says this version only works on iDevices that meets the following thresholds:

Running on the A9 to A11 chips

Running iOS 12.4

It is worth noting that the Chimera Jailbreak v1.2.8 is being released against a backdrop of the Pwn20wnd releasing an updated uncOver jailbreak tool, which was released Sunday morning. Looking at both jailbreak tool, the uncOver jailbreak tool supports iDevices running A7 to A11 chips on iOS 12.4.

That is to say, the uncOver jailbreak tool supports more devices than the Chimera Jailbreak v1.2.8. Then there is another concern, the Electra Team acknowledges that there is a lower success rate when first installing their jailbreak tool on your iOS device; that is when compared to their previous versions. In this latest version, some users may fail to install the tool upon their first attempt, but the Electra Team advises one to try a second time without rebooting their devices. It should work on your second attempt.

That said, if you have a compatible iOS 12.4 devices running on an Apple chip in the range of A9 to A11, and would like to jailbreak the device using the Chimera Jailbreak v1.2.8. You can follow this link to download the tool

Caution >> If you are an Apple Card user, DO NOT jailbreak your device, as it contravenes the terms of service. It could lead up to you being locked out of your Apple Card account.

So all you renegades out there, you have two most up-to-date jailbreaks tools out there to choose from; the uncOver v3.5.0 and the Chimera v1.2.8.

[Updated Later] The Electra Team quickly released an update to Chimera v1.2.8 to Chimera v1.2.9 to fix some of the bug issues with the Sunday evening release. So if you are trying out the update for the first time, be advised and stay away from v1.2.8 and download the v1.2.9.

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