China military troops depart on their first overseas military base in Djibouti


Beijing flagged off its military troops on a voyage that will land China on its first overseas military base. The interesting bit is that China’s first foreign military base is in Africa; in Djibouti to be precise.

China says its military base in Djibouti will be used for administrating peacekeeping and humanitarian missions in Africa and West Asia. The military base will also be used for naval exercises, rescue missions, and military co-operations.

China’s move to set up its military base comes at a time when the country is at an all-time high in investments and influence across the African continent.

There is no official communication as to how many military ships or troops have been flagged off on a voyage to Djibouti. Neither is there any information as to when the military base will be operational.

Back in 2015, China pledged $60 billion to invest in various development projects across Africa. In the same year, the country sent its first foreign peacekeeping mission to South Sudan.

Djibouti hosts several military bases for several foreign countries

For such a small country, it is astonishing that it hosts several military bases for several foreign countries including the United States, Japan, and France.

Djibouti is said to be strategically located as it seats right next to a busy shipping route and is a model of stability or in an otherwise volatile region.


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