ChopUp Releases Jagun: Clash of The Kingdoms

ChopUp Releases Jagun: Clash of The Kingdoms

Leading mobile gaming studio and Danfo Reloaded creator ChopUP Games, has released a thrilling strategy mobile game, “Jagun: Clash of Kingdoms,” on Android.

Jagun, translated ‘war’ in Yoruba, is set in pre-colonial master era and sees you defending the prosperous Jagunlabi Kingdom with arrows, flames, and diabolic powers against waves of hammer-pounding, axe-wielding warriors from envious enemy kingdoms. Each military campaign is headed by a boss you have to stop from breaking through the Kingdom wall.

If you ever watched the battles of Yoruba movie warlord Abija Wara bi ekun, you’d love this one!

Jagun: Clash of Kingdoms is totally free to play and comes with some in-game items (such as Sango power (fireball), an enemy-freezing potion, masquerade (terrifying demon), a mass-killing earthquake and wall fortifications) for sale that enhance the gaming experience.

The game also suggests ads viewing to refortify the Jagunlabi Kingdom wall and extend gameplay in the heat of battles when enemy warriors are close to destroying the wall.

– Great arsenal of weapons and juju (magic) to defend your kingdom
– 4 wars and 40 engaging battles!
– Achievement board that shows progress and achieved milestones.
– Great user interface and user experience with realistic arcade sounds.

So you think you’ve got fast fingers and brains? Download the game here.

Earn cowries and gold as your kill count increases, strategize and determine the appropriate store item to purchase that would most help you defend Jagunlabi Kingdom!

With visionary leadership from Zubair Abubbakar and Bayo Puddicombe, and a successful seed funding from industry leaders such as Tayo Oviosu, ChopUP games is well on its way to launching world class entertainment. One of  its most successful creations, Danfo Reloaded, has recorded over half a million downloads.

You can follow Chopup for more games on their social handles: Twitter: @Chop_Up, Facebook: /ChopUpCommunity, Instagram: @chopup_games

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