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Chrome 70 comes with better sign-in status, Picture-in-Picture Videos

by Felix Omondi
chrome 71

The world’s favorite browser, Chrome just received a major update worth picking our attention. Though it has nothing major like the new material design that came with Chrome 69, you will certainly appreciate the Picture-in-Picture (PIP) video playback in the new Chrome 70.

What’s Picture-in-Picture?

First, ensure you are running the latest version of Chrome. Then open any video online, and once the playback starts, right-click on the video and select Picture-in-Picture mode. You can then minimize your browser window and go on to use another application. That’s when all the PIP magic happens.

As you will be working on another application, your video playback will still continue as a separate window (mini-player) from the browser. Enabling you to multi-task; continue watching your video, all the while working on another application, without the distraction from the browser.

The PIP feature first rolled out on the Chrome mobile browser on Android and it became an instant hit with the users. Now, it has arrived on Chrome desktop browser, with Chrome 70. The video playback in PIP will continue as long as you do not close the browser (or the tab of the site it is playing from), but you can minimize all you want.

How to enable PIP in Chrome OS

Chrome PIP it enabled by default on Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, you will have to manually enable it in Chrome OS, through a slightly complicated process. Simply type in or copy-paste the following commands into the Chrome address bar


On the feature ‘Enable the use of SurfaceLayer objects for videos’ set it to ‘Enabled.’ Then restart the Chrom browser for the feature to become enabled.

Improved Sign-In Status with Chrome 70

This latest update comes with a new ‘Allow Chrome sign-in’ that lets the user choose which Google sites they would like to log into. Previously, by simply logging into one Google site, you were automatically logged into all Google 70

That means, you log into Gmail, and you are automatically also logged into your Google account for Chrome browser, your YouTube account, Google Plus, Classroom, Calendar and etc. However, with Chrome 70, Google is leaving it up to you to decide if by logging into one of its sites you will be logged into all sites or just the one 70

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