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Chrome Is About To Get A Lot More Faster With The New Algorithm Brotli

If you like using Chrome browser, you’re about to love using Chrome browser. Google is currently preparing a new data compression algorithm dubbed Brotli, said to be 26 percent better at compressing data than the current compression engine Zopfli introduced last September.

According to on one llya Grigorik, a Google web performance engineer, Brotli will be rolled out with the

next Chrome version release. Meaning, if you are currently using Chrome as your default browser, the next time it updates to the most recent version. You will see a significance increase in page load time.

Brotli is said will also enable Chrome browser on mobile experience “lower data transfer fees and reduced battery use.” Google is praising Brotli as “a new data format” that they hope will be adopted by other web browsers in the near future.

Mozilla’s Firefox is said to be lining up to adopt Brotli in their future update.

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