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Chrome rescues Microsoft staff after embarrassing fail with Edge browser during Live presentations

Quick question! When doing your work, getting some entertainment, or socializing online, which is more important to you, the Operating System or the Browser? I can confidently say, the Browser, and it is also the one thing we use a lot on our computers nowadays. In this age of cloud computing, cloud storage, and streaming, there is less and less reason to wallow the operating system’s features and capabilities.

Now to the reason for this article! Last month, at the Emerge Conference, Microsoft got a big embarrassment during a live presentation in front of thousands of attendees. The company’s staff was doing a presentation geared towards convincing the attendees why they should migrate their apps and data to the Azure program.

Naturally, you would expect the Microsoft staffer to that opportunity to promote all of the company’s product, and that is actually what the staff did. He was doing the presentation using Microsoft Edge browser for the live presentation, which was also being streamed live.

Then the most embarrassing thing started happening with the Edge browser. While the browser did not exactly crash, but for some reason, it would not move to the screen the staff wanted to show for the presentation. As you can see in the video below, at around the 37-minute mark, the presenter, now feeling frustrated by Edge, apologized to the attendees and paused his presentation for a moment to download Google Chrome.

After having Chrome up and running on his Windows 10 PC, the presentation went on smoothly without the difficulties experience earlier while using Edge. For a company looking to convince every internet user across the globe to use their product, downloading your biggest competition’s product and thereby proving its superior features is tantamount to shooting oneself in the foot.

Microsoft proved what we have always known

The Edge browser fails during the Microsoft staffer presentation only reinforced what most internet users already know. When it comes to the browser, Google Chrome is the currently the most reliable, stable, and robust browser out there.

Edge is great, but just not as great as Chrome, and there would be no surprise if most people at Microsoft office use it as their default browsers. Chrome is certainly the most popular browser, with a market share of 59.84% fast approaching 60%. That is according to stats by NetMarketShare, which also show Edge market share dwindling, as it now stands at 4.58% from the previous 5.15%.

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