churchADMIN 1.0 Church Management Information System for Administrative automated tasks

churchADMIN 1.0 Church Management Information System for Administrative automated tasks

A church runs in very much the same way any typical organization runs. It receives inputs (believers/staff) from the society, processes, and procedures, and followed up with outputs (spiritually lifted believers/paid staff).

You may not agree with the terminologies I’ve used. Nonetheless, a church is an organization, complete with objectives and strategies to achieve these objectives. Sounding like a commercial company, huh?

And like any 21st-century organization worth its salt, coming up with strategic policies that are both effective and efficient is key to adaptation and survival to the environmental changes. For this reason, a church too, just like any other organization, needs to incorporate information and technology in operation to achieve effectiveness and efficiency.

Introducing churchADMIN 1.0

churchADMIN 1.0 is a management information system (MIS) for church operations. It is set to be a vital tool for administrative functions within the church. The MIS enables the admin to manage the church’s data; first time members, regular members attendance, tithes collected, record keeping, staff wages and salaries, and a host of many other admin tools that enable the automation of tasks and offline accessibility.

churchADMIN 1.0 is still in beta stage but available for dry runs here. The developers of churchADMIN are also the ones behind the Naija Kitchen app that gives you full recipes for making the best Nigerian dishes.

It is still in prototype phase, and the developer is confident about launching the stable version into the market soon.

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