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CIA Trying to Breach Apple Devices and Xcode for Years: Edward Snowden

by Fahad Saleem

Edward Snowden, the CIA’s whistleblower has done it again, and this time it’s huge. Snowden, who is now residing in Russia under asylum has claimed that CIA experts have been trying to break-in Apple systems since years. He claims that CIA even tried to duplicate a version of Xcode, an IDE and system used to develop apps for Apple devices. If true, this news can be huge and can cause yet another ‘Snowden effect’.

According to Reuters news agency, this claim was presented by Snowden in a secret security conference called ‘Jamboree’. The claim even specifies the time of the whole process. It says that CIA has been trying to exploit and compromise systems of Apple company since 7 years ( from 2006-2013).

Relations between Apple and CIA have already been tough. It all started when Edward Snowden revealed that Apple has been cooperating with the CIA under the secret ‘Prism’ program. This program was allegedly to get user data from famous companies like Apple, Google, Facebook. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO frantically rejected these notions and said that his company is not working with the CIA and has absolutely no plans to do so in the future.

The source quoted an Apple spokesperson, who claimed that this latest claim is baseless and Apple always values user data and security as its primary goals.

A lot of stir has been caused by these latest leaks. Apple developers are also furious. If CIA had been working to create backdoors in the Xcode made apps, this would mean that many working apps and Apple software have ‘holes’ in them.

Apple is known for its ecosystem-based secure systems, but the recent times have not backed this notion. Last year, nude images of famous celebrities were leaked through iCloud hack attacks.


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