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CISA Certification


Let IT and accounting practitioners achieve “Gold collar life”

CISA ranks highest among the certificates in salaries. For a long time, CISA has been at the top of the list with its market value.

— Statistics of Foote Partners’ IT skills and certificates payment index (ITSCPI) in the first quarter of 2015

CISA is one of the most valued certificates when employers recruit employees. CISA is a prerequisite for the Australian government’s iRAP certificate.

— Analysis of the British government’s 2014 report of network security skills

Australian Signal Authority takes CISA as the necessary certificate for its information security registered assessor project;

The Stock Exchange Bank of India (SEBI) stipulates that suppliers providing computer to computer link (CTCL) trading software must be audited by auditors with CISA / CISSP / ISA / DISA certificates;

Indian income tax authorities require all electronic receipt intermediaries to obtain CISA certificate or ISA certification.


CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) certification is initiated by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association spoto cisa isaca exam. It is a symbol of achievements in the professional fields of information systems audit, control, and security.

CISA certification is applicable to enterprise information system managers, IT managers, IT auditors or information consultants, information security manufacturers, service providers, and other personnel interested in information system audit.

With the increasing demand for information system audit, control, and security professionals in the business society, CISA has become an indispensable professional certification for individuals and companies all over the world.

The CISA certificate represents the holder’s excellent ability to serve in the company’s information system audit, control, and security fields. In addition, it also brings more and more considerable professional achievements and economic benefits to the certificate holders.

Career Prospects

By the end of 2016, more than 130,000 people who profession in IT governance and information security fields worldwide had obtained this certificate. CISA is regarded as the “gold standard” of IT/IS certification by enterprises and professionals all over the world.

China’s auditors certified by CISA are distributed in high-end industries such as banking, securities, government, high-end manufacturing, and information services, and are increasingly recognized by major domestic enterprises and institutions.

CISA has very considerable career prospects and market. Due to the requirements of internal and external supervision (such as Sarbanes-Oxley), multinational enterprises, large financial institutions, and listed companies all have a certain number of information system audit, control and security posts, such as IT Auditor, IS Auditor, IT Internal Control, Security Analyst, Compliance Officer and Risk Manager. At the same time, large accounting firms, such as Sidadu, have a considerable consulting team specializing in information system audit, control and security services.

Certificate Authority

The International Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), founded in 1967, is a small group composed of people engaged in computer system audit and monitoring. In view of the increasing importance of computer information audit and monitoring to the operation of their current institutions, they began to discuss the information resources and guidelines that need to be concentrated in relevant areas. In 1969, this group officially formed the EDP Information Systems Audit Association. In 1976, the association established an education fund to carry out large-scale research to expand knowledge and value in the field of information technology governance and monitoring. The Information Systems Audit and Control Association used its full name before, but now it is abbreviated as ISACA to reflect that it provides services to professionals engaged in a wide range of IT governance fields.

Today, ISACA has more than 115,000 members worldwide, which is characterized by a wide range of backgrounds. These members live and work in more than 180 countries and cover many IT-related majors, such as information system auditors, consultants, instructors, information system security experts, regulators, chief information officers, and internal auditors. Some are new recruits in the professional field, others are middle-level managers, and many others hold senior positions. ISACA’s members cover almost all industries, including finance, public accounting, government and public sector, utilities and manufacturing. The diverse backgrounds of members enable them to learn from each other and widely exchange each other’s unique views on many professional issues. This feature has always been an advantage of ISACA. The International Information Systems Audit Association is now referred to as ISACA to reflect a wide range of areas in the association’s information systems management.

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