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Claim it! Launches Mobile App Where Anyone Can Win Free Swag, No Strings Attached


Claim it! Launches Mobile App Where Anyone Can Win Free Swag, No Strings Attached
First of its kind mobile platform that allows thousands of people to win free product every week

Credit: Claim it!

Credit: Claim it!

Claim it!, a one-of-a-kind mobile app, is soft launching in New York City today. The app is now available to download for free from the Apple App Store. Each week, Claim it! gives everyone the opportunity to win awesome prizes for simply viewing a 15 second video ad on their smartphone. With just one simple click (on a smartphone) users will have the chance to claim thousands of items every week, ranging from designer handbags, high-end cosmetics, Nike and Air Jordan footwear, Beats by Dre headphones, Sony Playstation 4s, AMC movie theater tickets, Chipotle  gift cards, to MTA MetroCards and much more.

iTunes_comp_1 iTunes_comp_2 iTunes_comp_3Today, Claim it! will debut its iBeacon enabled vehicle throughout New York City. Every day, anyone within 150ft of the vehicle will win merchandise instantly (valued $1-$5). For all other free offers and weekly specials (valued $10 – $599) winners will be notified every Sunday. Users can locate the vehicle through the app and scan their winning code to complete the redemption process. Everyone loves free, especially when it comes at the touch of a button.
“The Claim it! proposition is simple,” said Ali Abdullah, Founder and CEO of Claim it!, “users receive free products, brands get awareness and everyone wins”.

Claim it! Weekly Tiered Campaigns:
– Tier one offers 100% chance of winning items valued between $1 – $5 (claim within 150ft of vehicle to be an instant winner)
– Tier two offers 10% – 20% chance of winning items valued between $10 – $25
– Tier three offers 1% – 10% chance of winning items valued between $100-$599
– Daily Specials (offered throughout the week) offers 1% – 10% chance of winning items valued between $50 – $599

How To Register:
– Download Claim it! on your iPhone (application download is free from the Apple App Store)
– Register once with just a phone number (no name or email required)
– View daily and weekly offers, select items you would like to win and submit a claim
– Watch a 15 second video and you are automatically entered to win

How Prizes Are Redeemed:
– Winners are drawn every Sunday and notified via SMS notifications
– Winners will receive a unique code and have one week to claim their prize
– Locate a Claim it! truck, scan your code and redeem your prize
– Anyone can use their weekly claim to automatically win and redeem a low value item (drinks, snacks, etc.) when in range of the truck’s iBeacon

More Details:
– Claiming an offer is easy and takes less than a minute
– New offers are added every Monday and expire on Sunday when winners are drawn
– Users get to claim one of three regular offers each week
– Exclusive offers can be claimed by users who check the app frequently
– Thousands of winners chosen every week (fully automated randomized winner selection)
– Easy prize redemption
– Users who opt-in see special offers that are tailored to their age and gender (i.e., women see more cosmetics offers)
– Anyone in range of the iBeacons on the Claim it! truck can automatically win lower value items
– Incredible items every week of things people really want (not samples)
– Fully automated, completely randomized winner selection
– Winners must be 18 years or older to redeem prizes. Only the code is necessary to redeem.

About Claim it!:
Claim it! is New York City based mobile startup company that provides anyone with the opportunity to claim FREE offers on the best of what’s happening in their city. For more information visit the Claim it! website by clicking here.

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