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Clean and Optimize the Performance for Windows Using YAC

by Fahad Saleem

Clean and Optimize the Performance for Windows Using YAC

Are you worried about the slow performance, corrupted drives, or malwares in your Windows? We have an amazing tool to share with you for this. YAC (Yet Another Cleaner) lets you easily examine, clean, fix, protect, and boost the performance of your Windows PC. This strong cleaner provides you with great features to counteract the problems in your system. It acts for enhancing the speed of your system.

Functioning of YAC (Yet Another Cleaner)

The purpose of YAC is not only to clean your system, but it also acts to prevent your browsers from risky plug-ins, protecting the already installed plug-ins, and clears the browser’s history to keep your privacy and plenty of other wonderful features that even a beginner can understand and operate the software. This great software charges you absolutely nothing.

Let’s consider the amazing features of YAC.

Health Check

This feature enables you to monitor the issues that are creating a danger to the overall health of your system. You can remove the malware of your choice from the list of issues captured by YAC. It shows the recommendations of fixing the issues on preferable basis, along with the number of files and size covered on the disc.

windows perf health check


YAC provides you guard against the web portals that require entering sensitive information such as virus-prone browser plug-ins, e-shopping portals and plenty of other settings in correspondence to the web privacy and usage. It has particular arrangement for plug-ins. It lists down all the available plug-ins installed on your browser and provides the option of enabling/disabling them according to your requirements.

windows perf protection

Quick and Deep Clean

This feature is the best among all. It provides you the facility to clean up the unnecessary data lying in your system, consuming your disk space for no reason. The Quick Clean feature provides cleaning option for often use, while Deep Cleaning feature is required once a week for thorough cleaning of your hard disk.

System Boost

YAC is pretty handy in optimizing the performance of the system. It monitors the tasks that are slowing down your PC and are not necessary for your current tasks. It manages all the tasks in start-up programs to boost the performance of the system.

windows perf booost

Software Manager

This is yet another great feature of YAC that it shows the rating of software, the removal percentage, as well as some other details.

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