Clicking Folder on Google Drive, not Working [Fix]

Clicking Folder on Google Drive, not Working [Fix]

Google ecosystem has revolutionized how we work on our computers; by leveraging on cloud computing and giving users the best experience possible. However, a lot of users have been complaining that clicking folder on Google Drive is not working.

If you thought you are alone, you only need to look at the number of complaints launched on the Google support page about clicking on folders or files on Google Drive is not working. I noticed that when you use the web version of Google Drive and go to a specific folder. You can click and open a folder, but you will be stuck clicking on the subfolder, which will not budge on the first couple of double clicks.

It will take numerous clicks for the subfolders to open. It appears that Google Drive has frozen and will not let you navigate through the folder structure, or open a file for that matter.

Yet, when you use the search function, everything works just fine. Even the sidebar is working flawlessly. The trouble is with navigating through the Google Drive folder structure.

How to fix Clicking Folder on Google Drive not Working

According to user-generated content on the Google support page under the topic ‘Clicking folder on Google Drive not working’ some of the fix suggested is as follows:

Try logging out and then log back in. One user who also says they faced the same problem offered this suggestion. It looks like it worked for him, so it might just be what you need; log out of your Google account on the Google Drive and log back again.

Click multiple times on the file or folder. Yes, I know this solution seems more like a nuisance than a solution, but you need to access your files and folders right now. Well, you can’t wait on Google to fix the problem to start working on your project. So make do with the situation. Some users on the support page claim to open the file after eight successive clicks, and sometimes, after 3, 5,7 clicks in a row. So get to clicking!

Install the Google Filestream, and use it as a workaround for the problem. Going by the complaints on the support page, we can be sure Google must be working on a fix. As we wait for the fix, using the Google Filestream can prevent your work from stalling right now.

Of the three solutions provided above, the last one has higher chances of success while giving you an easy time. Be sure to let us know in the comment section what worked for you, if at all. Otherwise, you can join the rest of the gang in launching yet one more complaint at G Suite Help Community.

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