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Cloudflare launches Free Privacy DNS for Android and iOS devices

by Felix Omondi
Cloudflare launches Free Privacy DNS for Android and iOS devices

Technology and the internet are increasingly running this modern world. All indications point that the next stage is the Internet of Things (IoT) where every electronic will be connected to the next electronic near it or within its wireless network. Cloudflare wants to ensure that while you keep enjoying the convenience of the internet and all it entails, you don’t sacrifice your privacy and security.

They have launched the Cloudflare privacy DNS to help encrypt your internet connection. This tool is particularly important for users who often use public Wi-Fi connections. Each time you use a public internet connection if someone wanted to see the sites you are visiting they can with simple training they can get online without much effort.

To make matters worse, your Internet Service Provider is aggressively funneling your browsing history so they can sell that data to advertisers. While they rake in a lot of money by selling to the highest bidder, they don’t pay you anything let alone subsidize your internet connection charges.

As a user, you have a plethora of apps to choose from to protect your online traffic, whether you are on a private or public Wi-Fi network. These apps come in the form of DNS and VPNs; each has its strength over the other one.

You can check out our illustration of Pros and Cons of both DNS and VPN at our earlier article at this link.

There are free and paid versions of both. As far as your DNS need is concerned, Cloudflare might have you covered with their free privacy DNS they just released. The Cloudflare DNS is available for mobile device; both Android and iOS.

Cloudflare wants you to be able to use public internet connection without worrying someone is eavesdropping on what you are doing. At the same time, your ISP will not be able to harvest your browsing history and sell it to advertisers; while they still keep charging you for their internet connection service.

One-tap setup

Cloudflare launched this app back in April, but the new one is quite incredibly easy to set up. You don’t have to go through a lot of setup processes. Just one tap and you’re up and running, and the owner (Cloudflare) dares to claim it is the “fastest public DNS resolver in the world.”Cloudflare launches Free Privacy DNS for Android and iOS devices

I guess you can try out the app and compare it with other public DNS to prove them wrong or right.

The company’s CEO, Matthew Prince, says, “We launched to offer consumers everywhere a better choice for fast and private internet browsing. The app makes it even easier for users to unlock fast and encrypted DNS on their phones.”

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