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Nigeria’s Co-Creation Hub Hosting Its First SciTech Women Meetup | April 22

by Milicent Atieno
Co-Creation Hub Hosting Its First SciTech Women Meetup In Nigeria | April 22

The Lagos-based incubator and accelerator Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB), announced that it will be hosting its first SciTech Women Meetup come April 22, 2016.

The SciTech Women Meetup is a meetup bringing together professional women in fields of science, engineering, and technology around Nigeria. The event happens after every four months in Nigeria. The event acts as a platform where professional women come together to share insights and design strategies with the goal of encouraging girls and women thinking of venturing into STEM education and careers.

For CcHUB, this will be its maiden SciTech Women Meetup, and the event is said will have about 75 women and girls from across Nigeria. The theme for the event will be, “Creating the right conditions for women to thrive in STEM in Nigeria.”

The attendees are expected to delve into discussions exploring various ways to bridge the gender gap in science and technology. The women in attendance will explore different ways they could collaborate in getting more girls and women venture into the field of STEM.

The venue for the event will be at the CcHUB’s headquarter, Yaba, Lagos. Kickoff time will be 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM. If you would like to attend this event, you need to RSVP sooner rather than later as spaces are said to be limited. To RSVP, click here.

This event is not only aiming at empowering, nurturing, and inspiring the next generation of female leaders in the field of STEM, it is also trying to inculcate a culture of openness and connectedness among women.

The US Embassy in Nigeria also plays a vital role in making the SciTech Women Meetup at the CcHUB possible. The CcHUB is the country’s first pre-incubation space geared towards catalyzing activities of startups operating within the creative social technology space.

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