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CocoSign Review: Get Your Agreement Template for Free


We always love to try out trending apps and tools. Today, we are going to review the CocoSign platform and share our experience with this application. You will learn a lot of interesting things about the website, including its features and pricing.

People who love to use digital documents and signatures love this application. However, is it worth trying? You will find out here

So let’s begin by discussing a few things about this platform.


CocoSign’s solution is an innovative platform where you can use digital signatures along with some document management tools. The platform is designed to help professionals and marketing teams to share documents and track progress conveniently. The application is popular because it offers thousands of templates to draft an agreement, business document, or contract within a few minutes.

The platform was introduced as a pure eSign solution that offered some reliable ways to sign any document online. However, the platform has improved over time and works as a perfect tool for sales teams.

The platform now offers eSign tools, customizable templates, and document management services (with cloud storage).   

Types of Templates on CocoSign

As we mentioned earlier, CocoSign comes with hundreds of useful templates for businesses. Here are some of the templates categories you can explore on CocoSign:

Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most popular categories on this platform. You can find templates like a lease agreement, property purchase agreement, a non-disclosure agreement (regarding property details), and commission charges agreement for realtors.

That is the reason why this category is most popular on the platform. The ability to sign all these templates on the same platform makes it more relevant.

Sell and Purchase

Sell and purchase is another popular category on this website. You can find different templates for a bill of sale, purchase receipt, payment receipt, bid proposal, and many other templates. The best thing I that you can find some more relevant templates based on State and City.

Corporate Documents

You can find some useful templates to draft corporate documents like offer letters, resignation letters, employee complaint letters, salary receipts, office expenses, etc. All the templates are available considering the requirements of the organizations. Additionally, they are legally binding as the templates are drafted with the help of professionals.

How Secure is CocoSign?

To offer you a better review of this tool, we checked some security factors to understand the security level of the platform. The website is protected with SSL certification and the privacy policy states that all the unsaved data is removed from the platform every 24 hours.

We also wanted to check how authentic electronic signatures are on this website. It turned out that the website meets all the regulatory compliance and standards. It means that the signatures are HIPAA compliant and fall under the eSign act. That is why the technology is safe to use and there is no security risk with the platform.

Further, the integration of Gmail and Microsoft is limited to the required access only.

As far as the templates are concerned, you can edit them directly on the website or download a PDF copy for further use. Thus, there’s nothing suspicious with the templates either.

CocoSign’s Ease of Use

The user interface and the accessibility of tools are the most important things to consider before choosing a new tool. The website offers a simple yet effective user interface that lets you upload a file to add your signatures. On the other hand, there is a separate column for templates that you can use to draft the agreements and other documents.

The good thing is there’s a proper balance with all the tools and you never feel like putting in an effort to use any of them. For example, you can choose a template to draft an agreement and then sign it at the same time using its eSign technology. After that, you can easily send the document with your integrated Gmail to any person you want.

The other party will receive a link to sign the document using CocoSign’s technology. They do not need to have an account on the platform as it gives a direct option to embed signatures.

Another good thing about their interface is that they offer customized solutions for various industries. It means you can mention your industry or choose from the options to get the relevant features on your account. It helps the sales and management departments of organizations to get the necessary tools with a single click.

Pricing: Is it Affordable?

When it comes to pricing, the platform offers flexible choices to its users. There are four membership plans with one free option and three paid ones.

The free plan is offered to help users check out the services and try the tool for a few days. In this subscription plan, users can download up to 3 signed documents and can customize one template for future uses.

The essential plan costs you $8 per month (annual subscription) and lets you download up to 15 signed documents. Users get cloud storage and other benefits with this subscription.

The professional plan ($15) is the most popular as it offers unlimited access to all the tools with no limit on the signed documents. Users can also access the audit trail feature to check the progress and account activity.

The business plan costs $25 per month and offers all the benefits from the previous plans. Additionally, it offers an in-person signature and bulk send features to its users. Also, businesses on this subscription plan can request the other party to add attachments to the signed copy too.

Final Verdict

The platform is promising and offers a lot of useful tools at an affordable price. It has a decent user interface and the integrations add a lot more value to this solution. Overall, CocoSign is a great tool for individuals and businesses to get eSign and document management solutions.

Sales teams can adopt the solution by creating a working strategy.

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