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I Code Java Conference Johannesburg, South Africa | July 21-22nd

I Code Java Conference Johannesburg, South Africa | July 21-22nd

On 21st & 22nd July, JAVA developers from around the country will gather at the Focus Rooms Sunninghill Sandton to network and chat over Java at the I Code Java 2016 Conference. Our inaugural 2015 Conference was SOLD OUT, with Johannesburg heading that way as well.

I Code Java Conference is one of many software conferences hosted around the country to train and connect Java developers to each other and open up new opportunities in the tech industry.

JAVA being one of the most popular programming languages in the world, with close to 90% of Fortune 500 companies reported to be using it is growing fast in Africa.

The event is being organised by Evenir Pty Ltd, leaders in software conferencing who aim to provide a space for new and experienced developers to connect and open up the tech conversation in a country where coding is still an emerging profession and industry.

“There is a huge emphasis on training at our conferences, because the industry is still so fresh in South Africa”, says Theo Sauls, Founder of Evenir. “Many developers are self-taught and could benefit from networking with more experienced developers. Our conferences and workshops provide a space for this.”

The I Code Java Conference is a mix of practical applications and informative talks by local and international experts in the field, with headline local and international speakers.

While Cape Town has recently been recognized as a growth hub for technology, there is still a long way to go. Sauls, however, says that it is imperative that the country start looking at IT, and more especially software development/ coding, as the job market of the future.

“Besides the fact that we have a serious IT skills shortage in South Africa, if you look at the Java Ecosystem, developed countries are looking abroad for developers to outsource work to. That work could be coming to South Africa.”

To help move this process forward, Evenir regularly donates a percentage of its’ tickets to students to attend the conference for free. Please check our website for FREE STUDENT seats.

It’s pointless getting all these experienced developers together if we are not developing our next wave of experienced developers,” says Sauls. “And thanks to sponsors such as Barclays, DVT, Entelect, Hazelcast and Amazon, we are able to donate 20% of the tickets to students and invest in our country’s future.”

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