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Codecademy Revamps its Online Code Learning Website

by Fahad Saleem

code academy 1Codecademy Revamps its Online Code Learning Website

Programming is not an easy thing to learn. Since last two years, the Codecademy has been serving the programming beginners with its free web based teaching programs. The demands for programmers are increasing with the time. Since the beginning, Codecademy has been standing without any parallel featured partner and now it has gained some more pride to the designation.  Besides of owning 24 million users and 6 modern languages to study, the New York based startup is aiming to enhance the growth further. For that Codecademy has adopted an addictive environment. The principle of designing has been stretched to beautiful, vibrant look while maintaining the level of performance as before.

The new sight of the platform is highly compelling with attractive layouts, typography, and iconography. The essence of colors has been used that adds a fresher look to the site. You will love to spend the major proportion of your time to the site as the new gorgeous extracts will keep you mindful every time.

Besides adding screen charms, the contents and features have been specialized too. The main change has been made by bringing the dashboard to the new version. This dashboard clearly keeps record of partly completed projects and courses.

Another new feature is the Codebits. The Codebits allows the sharing of completed projects over the community. It can be stated as; the programmer will be able to present their skills in a more attractive way that can capture high ratios of employers.

You can find these options in the Learn tab from where you make selections for the programming languages and courses to learn. It has also taken the initiative to construct a step by step course guideline to teach programmers about the basics of Airbnb’s homepage. Codecademy is a web based service; however it has also been practiced with the iOS app. This new design will help the programmers to build their own WebPages and sites creatively, which will also engage the interests of employers and lead them to acquire advanced work.

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