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Coins Royal Review – Trade Where You Choose [Updated]


Coins Royal is a general trading platform designed to put more control into the hands of the trader by allowing your profile to follow you wherever you may go.

It’s a general trading app, allowing you to deal in cryptocurrencies, forex, and stocks at your leisure. Even if you’re just getting started in the world of trading, the intuitive interface and helpful options available should see you feel like the gap between you and experts in the trading industry is being drastically reduced.

Is Coins Royal Beginner Friendly?

You should be happy to know that Coins Royal is indeed very welcoming to beginners. This is often a question that people ask, especially since trading apps tend to be the catalyst for the start of many trading journeys.

With the inclusion of a demo account, you get the perfect environment to get your feet wet in the world of trading without having to put any of your actual funds on the line.

Note, however, that while it is very impressive and it can certainly help you get a feel for the trading world, the simulation is heavily skewed based on past market data and how things would have been during a particular period.

What you may find is that what happens in your training sessions does not apply to your current situation. Just bear in mind that market forces are unpredictable, and you always need to be mentally prepared for the fact that things change and all you can do is adjust to jostle for a favorable position

Coins Royal Pros and Cons

H3 Pros

H3 Cons

Easy to use

Lack of payment method variety

Supports different asset types

Location restrictions

Available on mobile

Demo account

What Is the Minimum Deposit to Get Started with Coins Royal?

Your initial Coins Royal deposit must be at least $250. While it’s hard to ascertain why that figure was chosen, it seems like a good base to allow for some margin of error in your initial decisions.

As far as the upper limit goes, there isn’t one. So, feel free to deposit as much as you can afford to and are comfortable with at the onset. While nothing is guaranteed, you do at least improve your chances of faring well in the trading world with greater input.

On that note, you want to be careful with the amount of your deposit you decide to use on each transaction. Remember you are dealing with a 50/50 equation.

Areas of Improvement for the Future

Of course, Coins Royal ( ) is an excellent trading app for all your CFD, forex, cryptocurrency, and stock trading needs. Regardless of excellence, however, none of these apps are truly perfect, which always leaves room for improvement.

Thankfully, there are perpetual updates to be expected from Coins Royal, which means there’s always potential for more to be done to make an excellent experience one that is undeniably the best.

First, there are location restrictions. Coins Royal is not available to United States residents. Technically speaking, this can be bypassed with a VPN, but it would be great to have this built in natively.

Next, there’s the matter of the payment methods accepted. Considering that Coins Royal is available in so many countries, the payment methods available need to offer coverage enough such that there is something for everyone.

Understanding the pricing structure surrounding cryptocurrency investments is a little bit on the obtuse side. This is also something that could do well with some level of correction for future releases.

Can You Get Assistance with Your Challenges?

Coins Royal has a dedicated support team aimed at helping users to feel at home with the interface, as well as address any technical difficulties that may be faced during the trading process.

Of course, you can always send in an email at any time, though the response time depends on when you send the email and the availability of support staff.

Can You Use Coins Royal on Your Mobile Device?

While the requests are handled professionally and satisfactorily, this is only done during operational hours. On the bright side though, when you do reach out during the workday, you also have the option to open your support request via chat or phone.

With predetermined SLAs, don’t think that you’re going to be stuck waiting for a long time for someone to speak to you and offer some kind of resolution to your highlighted challenges.

Of course, not having support around the clock is a drawback, however, this is not enough to take away from other elements that Coins Royal handles well. Furthermore, during support hours, the team is professional and very in-tune with all it offers. This all leads to one of the most outstanding experiences on the scene.

Create Your Coins Royal Account Today!

If you wish to learn more about Coins Royal or you wish to learn more about what it has together, reach out today!

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