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Cola: New iPhone App Which Lets You “Do More, Text Less” With Its Unique Bubble Feature

by Fahad Saleem

We might feel busy all day, but are we really doing actual work? Mostly, we waste our time managing and deciding where and when to meet, what to eat, when to start work and petty things like that. This kills productivity and no hardcore work is done. This is the real cause of the modern day procrastination and laziness. A new iOS app tends to solve this problem. Cola app for iPhone is a simple messaging app that relies on visual information instead of texting. These visual data items can quickly communicate what you are trying to say instead of going in circles and texting trying to explain simple things

So let’s say you want to plan a meeting with your friend on the weekend. Instead of asking questions and giving suggestions in text, just use the “Bubble” feature of Cola app. This bubble feature allows you to select a few locations and time slots in which you are comfortable to meet. Your friend will tap this bubble and see all your preferred locations and timings in which you can meet him. He can respond with a bubble or a final decision about where to meet. This saves time and effort remarkably.

cola iphone app 2

Similarly, you are rushing to work and stuck in commute. Your grumpy boss or your colleague wants to know when you’ll reach the place. Instead of messaging your situation or expected time of arrival, you can share your location quickly with expected time of arrival using the quick, read-made slots and bubbles in the Cola app. The good thing is that you can send bubbles in Cola even to those friends who are not using Cola app.

cola iphone app 1

You can also see the location and position of your friends using the Cola app to see the ETA.

Watch this interesting introduction video of Cola app to get an idea about this iOS app.

You can also start polls in messaging in Cola app. You can also use the inbuilt to do lists and notes of the app. You can share the “To-Do” lists with other people on a single tap in the form of bubbles.

The best part about Cola app is that it combines all the daily tasks at one platform.

The CEO of Cola app says that the company plans to turn this app into a web platform as well. In fact, he thinks that  the app is just like a complete web platform and browser. It has a plethora of features, stability and integration.

Cola’s interface and fluid UI are a treat to use. You can enjoy a lot of features like group chat, posting videos and photos, to do lists in a uniquely simple way.

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