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CoLab is now offering Free Developer Training to Women

by Milicent Atieno
CoLab is now offering Free Developer Training to Women

Good news girls, particularly those living in Kaduna. The co-working space and innovation hub, CoLab, has officially announced it will be offering free software development training to female developers who are residents of Kaduna.

One of CoLab’s objectives since its launch was to spearhead campaigns and initiatives that will bring about gender equity within the tech space in Nigeria. Currently, more males are in the tech space than there are females. The gender gap is said to be even bigger in the Northern parts of Nigeria.

Previously, female developers were given space at CoLab for free. That is female developers who attend events held at the co-working space. This latest move takes a more active approach towards sparking an interest in tech among women, nurture their skills, and act as role models to budding female techies.

In a blog post, CoLab writes, “We believe that by doing so, we can get a cluster of women who are already passionate about technology, (few people are as passionate about technology as software engineers are in our opinion), to design and start their own reach-out program with our support and become tech evangelists who will go on to build a woman-friendly tech community.”

If you are a woman/girl within Kaduna and would like to take up CoLab on their offer, please reach out to them via email at [email protected].

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