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Come tomorrow, Samsung Cloud Free Storage will be shrunk from 15GB to 5GB

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With the launch of Samsung bombs – Galaxy Note 7 – the South Korean OEM introduced cloud storage service. Samsung gave each device owner who had registered for a Samsung account a free 15GB cloud storage on the Note 7.

The service was later extended to other Samsung mobile devices owners. Especially after the exploding failure that Galaxy Note 7 became; perhaps as a way to move away so much attention at the device that became one of Samsung’s most embarrassing moments.

With the Samsung cloud storage, users’ photos and videos, app settings, Samsung Notes app, predictive text data, Samsung browser history, contacts, call logs, calendar, Bixby Home settings, messages, alarm clock, device settings (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.), reminders, wallpaper, Samsung Pass passwords, and home screen layouts were among some of the things that were automatically backed up.

However, the the last few weeks, Samsung mobile devices owners have been getting notifications that the free cloud storage capacity will be shrunk from 15GB to just 5GB. This change will take effect come tomorrow, May 31, 2019.

If you already have a Samsung account, and using the cloud storage service, you will continue enjoying the 15GB free storage space. However, any new user who opens an account after May 31, 2019, they will be limited to just 5GB free storage.

That said if you plan on owning a Samsung device in the future and would hate to have missed out on the opportunity of free 15GB cloud storage provided by the company. Well, you can open an account today and beat the deadline.

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