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Common Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling


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In more recent times, the real estate market has experienced a boom with high demands and lower mortgage rates. But, despite these favorable conditions, you might find selling your home difficult. What can you do as a home seller to get your home off the buyers’ market? A recent survey showed that 36% of buyers regret the unexpected repairs they had to make on their new homes. Buyers are smarter now and prefer thoroughly researching their options to help them make a safe decision when buying a home. Therefore, if you aren’t receiving any offers for your home, it may be because these smart buyers are onto you. Here are five common reasons why your home isn’t selling.

1. Your home isn’t properly priced

One of the most complex things you can do when putting your house for sale is find the perfect price. If your price is too low, buyers might think it is riddled with many problems. On the other hand, if you overprice your home, it might turn buyers off, especially when they see it’s not worth the asking price. When you’re trying to find the perfect balanced price for your home, you must consider these four factors: the price of similar homes in your neighborhood, your home’s current condition, its location, and a market evaluation.

Most real estate agents have the right valuation tools to give your home the right pricing. However, it’s not always accurate. If you suspect pricing to be the reason behind your home not selling well, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and revise your prices.

2. Your home is in poor condition

A home in poor condition is an immediate turn-off for buyers. If your home has a lot of visible problems, buyers will begin to suspect that there are other hidden problems that would be a financial burden on them. Sometimes, it might go beyond your home’s current appearance. Having old appliances in your home can have them rescinding their offers. Your buyers will also wonder if other appliances in your home, like the air conditioner and heaters, are working efficiently.

You must also ensure that your home smells nice. Odor can be a major problem, especially if it is an old house with many animals living in it. Before you put your home up for sale, ensure that you wash or change all carpets, curtains, and other items in your home. You should also strategically place a few air fresheners in each room.

3. You’re working with the wrong agent

If you’re working with a real estate agent to sell a home that’s not bringing any potential buyers, it might be time to consider changing agents. A good realtor or agent should be just as invested as you are to land a sale. But if they aren’t readily available or tend to give you bad advice, chances are you would not make a sale. You don’t have to feel bad about firing an agent if you’re not getting the desired results. You have a house you must sell as quickly as possible.

4. Your home isn’t getting the right exposure

You might have listed your home on several platforms to ensure that it gets a lot of exposure. But is it the right exposure? Finding ways to get in touch with your preferred group of potential buyers is vital. An effective way of doing so is by targeting your listings. For example, if you are selling high-end property, ensure that you have it featured on high-end real estate websites. The more targeted, the better chances of receiving offers. You should use descriptive and catchy captions and showcase aspects of your home that appeal to your preferred target buyers.

5. Check your picture quality

How you present your home can affect how quickly you can sell it, especially if you plan on using online platforms to attract buyers. If you aren’t selling as quickly as you would like, it might be time to revisit your photographs and see if their quality matches other professionally-shot ones.

You can hire a professional photographer to snap a few good shots you can showcase online. Your rooms should be properly arranged and well-lit to ensure you get clear shots. Ensure you have shots of all the important rooms in your home, including your bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, backyard, and garage.

If your home isn’t selling, it’s time to consider any of these tips to improve your chances. Whether it’s changing your pictures, fixing any repairs, or properly targeting your listings, you should be able to sell your home at a fast turnaround time.

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