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Communicate Better and Improve Your Business Dealings with

Communicate Better and Improve Your Business Dealings with

Business owners, while strategizing about increasing revenues and reducing costs, tend to ignore the soft skills. Indeed, communication skills are important to boost the reputation of your company. Many startups fail because they are unable to draw attention of their customers.

You can attract more customers to buy your products and create better customer satisfaction, provided you employ good soft skills. You can improve your business communication skills with is a free tool that improves your communication inside and outside business boundaries. Internal communication skills will teach how to make

your communication effective while dealing with co-workers, managers, teams, and contractors. Training of external communication skills will polish your relationships with customers, press, prospects, and market. is launched by some experienced business people of SaaS (Software as a Service). The training period covers 52 weeks. Every week, the subscribers will get an email regarding some tips to communicate better. At the moment, 15 companies have registered for the course and it appears each company will design its own lesson. It is also possible that subscribers will receive promo codes for their services. is an interesting service as its idea comes from the team behind Front, shared inbox service and app that makes email, Twitter, and SMS communication much exciting.

Communication tools are quite popular these days. Facebook recently unveiled Facebook at Work, Slack raised $120 million. However, your communication skills will drastically improve when you use free tool

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