CommuteMaster wants to make your Daily Commute all the more easier

CommuteMaster wants to make your Daily Commute all the more easier

Technology has revolutionized how we commute from point A to B. You only need to take a look at the popularity of commuting apps like Uber, Waze, CityMapper, and even Google Maps. CommuteMaster is the newest kid on the block, and the following are reasons why you should install and use the new commuting app.

A creation of a U.S. based tech company, TouchIT Technologies Holdings Inc.; CommuteMaster is touted to be the next Waze or CityMapper. This app notifies and updates commuters on the issues on the road ahead while they are on their way to and from their various destinations.

It updates you with clear and precise information on possible delays on the road you are using or the train service (most apps gives only road updates). Instead of you having to check with a Map or a Timetable, this app brings you all that information in front of your smartphone’s screen. It also does monitor the route you are on in real-time and notify you if there are any disruptions ahead; where possible it will suggest an alternative route.

All-important commuting information about your route – roadwork, severe weather, and delays – will be sent out via push notifications to your phone. Other features include:

Profile your Route: By creating your commute profile, CommuteMaster will know when to send out push notifications about your route; when they expect you to be leaving for work or on your way back home.

Multiple Data Sources: The app uses multiple Data Sources – sources that would conventionally not work together; Apple, Microsoft, and Google – to aggregate information that is most important to you.

Straightforward and easy to use: Just create a Profile, choose your home and work locations, or your stations if you are using train and CommuteMaster will do the rest.

The app also gives you Live Stats about your travel route; including updates on the number of issues that have been reported on your route. The stats can further be broken down into weeks, months, or check stats for all time.

For the version 2.0 coming out later this year, CommuteMaster will also tell you how much time they have saved you by re-routing around the delays in you route.

For more information head on to (site), or download the Android or iOS version of the app.

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