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Comparium : An Automated Website Testing Tool


If you think of stepping into the business line then you are also aware about the today’s modern era trend peoples are very much addicted to social media platforms in their busy schedule they love to shop from the online website some of them which are common are like Amazon, flipkart and many more trustworthy applications. So for taking your business to the higher level you must have to create a website for showing your services but creating a website is not a game of child. When you are creating and website you must have ensure that it is working properly without any issues.

You also kept the one important thing in your mind that the website which you have created is well Functioned in all type of web browsers. You must have ensure about the cross webbing website because it is not compulsory that if your website is working in chrome then it is also functional in Mozilla so for not facing this kind of issue be ensure about that it it is working. So for clearing all these problems there was an automated website testing tool comes which is called Comparium.

How Comparium Tool Works?

It is not very tough to use Comparium for checking whether your website is functionally smooth or not simply go to the official website of Comparium.

Enter your Website URL in this box where there is a space for filling it. After it you have to choose your operating system either it is Windows or anything else and after it fills the browser and once you are done with filling all the boxes then just click on the button named as test.

You see that testing is started when the testing is starting then it shows the report of the testing in another window and the user is also able to see the list of screenshots over there. So if there is any error so that it will show them highlighted in a grey area so that you know where the mistake is and you can easily improve it. There is a PDF comes which is of screenshots then it will be handed over to clients instantly at that time.

Features of Comparium Tool


It can save your time by giving you the fastest report of your website testing just by a single test. So the time which you save here you can utilize it in other important tasks. If you are testing your website with Cross-browser testing and manually testing then there is a lot or chances of errors in testing the website but thanks to the Comparium automated testing software now the long lengthy process will only take a few minutes and clicks in checking the functionality of your website.

Offline Testing

One best thing also comes with Comparium that you are also able to do it offline to save your more efforts.

Supports All Platforms

It also supports all type of platforms so you don’t have to worry about that is you are able to use this yes you can easily. It is giving you smooth functionality on each and every platform so there is no difference you have faced in applying it in different platforms. This feature of Comparium make it very useful tool in market.

Unlimited Testing

You are also able to test as many websites as you there’s no limit and no restriction in this.


Comparium comes with its two versions. The very first version of this is completely free of cost but when you are choosing its second version you have to pay for it but it gives you that many essential and useful services so you don’t regret for investing your money in buying this. It comes with an automatic experience so that you don’t have to just stuck with your computer you can do your another work it itself do the testing without the use of manual interference.


Comparium tool is one of the best Browserstack Alternative as it provides the same functionality which you get while using browserstack

Screenshot Testing

When your final report of testing comes than it is just that you have it with you for note the errors. So if you have this result then it will help you at that time when you are improving your mistakes and make it error free. So that this tool helps you a lot in this because this can sent screenshot of your result via mail so you don’t face difficult in removing mistakes.

Benefits You Get When You Are Using Comparium Tool

If you are using it for the first time and you don’t know how to use it then don’t worry about it. It is very easy to use. You don’t have to be professionally trained in using this.

When you are using this tool for making your website improved completely and run functionally you can play a major role for your company in their success.

When you use this tool then you are able to increase the accuracy and compatibility of your website by deleting all the errors from it.

Process of testing in Comparium is also very simple; you just have to paste your URL in the designated box.

It can smoothly run on different operating systems like Linux, Windows 7 and macOS.

Best benefit in this is that you have to do monitoring after the beginning of testing.


You can use this tool without paying any fee. Comparium did a great job in the market for automatic testing of website. It can complete covers all type of platforms and also well covered all browsers .It can show the report of the result present in a nice manner so that you don’t face confusion in finding about the errors it can highlighted all in a better way. This features is missing for the mobile users. It is always comes with updating the features in new version of it.


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