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How to Compress, Reduce Video Size in iPhone for Free: Video Size Slimmer for Email, Other Purposes

by Fahad Saleem

iPhone and iPad are famous for the top quality cameras. You can do a full fledged photography session with your iPhone. But the quality comes with the cost of storage. Billions of people use iPhones daily. They snap photos and videos and exchange with others. There is a need to compress videos in iPhone. You cannot just keep eating the media, especially videos in your iPhone and not run out of space. And space for iPhone users is scarce. You won’t want to spend dollars buying GBs for iCloud or native space from Apple. That’s why you should use a free app to compress videos in iPhone and iPad.

Compress, Reduce Video Size in iPhone for Free

If you want to decrease the size of videos you want to keep on your iPhone or iPad, just install the Video Compressor app by Jin Jeon. Video compression can’t get any simpler. Using this app, all you have to do is to select a video which you want to decrease the size of, and set your own target size. The app gives you a slider to select the target size. You can decrease the target size as much as you want.

Of course the target size reduction slashes quality as well. But who needs top notch quality for funny videos and normal videos we exchange with friends.

After decreasing file size, you can also export videos to different formats using this free video compression app. You can also add or remove meta data from your videos.

The video compressor app for iPhone and iPad also lets you cut the videos in half or split them in small clips.

You can use the “Choose” option to import any videos from your camera roll in this app. Just import the video, decrease the size and the app will process the new video and save it to the camera roll of your iPhone.

Video Compressor app allows you to dwindle the size of videos at a massive rate. For example, you can reduce the size of a 200 MB video to just 10 MB. It all depends on your choice. You can preview the end result and redo your edits.

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