Conductive Makeup: The New Way to Activate Gadgets?

Conductive Makeup: The New Way to Activate Gadgets?
Who knew cosmetics could do more than hide imperfections and totally change one’s look? Computer scientist Katia Vega has found a way to link how you can activate gadgets via makeup, not a remote control. She’s come up with a promising concept that the application of cosmetics will be able to unlock or activate devices by moving the part of the face that has been enhanced via blinking or smiling.

Vega’s method integrates sensors and conductive elements to makeup so that, for example, when eyeshadow is applied where special metal-infused lashes have also been glued, an extended blink will allow the sensors in the eyeshadow and lashes to connect, completing the circuit.

Hey, who says makeup can’t be both aesthetically pleasing and practical, glamorizing your face while turning on your computer or phone at the same time? Imagine how this can be used at fashion shows or in the healthcare industry for people with disabilities.

Check out how her tech-savvy invention works below:

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