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How to Configure a Router: Router Configuration Guide

by Fahad Saleem

How to Configure a Router: Router Configuration Guide

Are you trying to establish a home network with the help of your Linksys router? You will desire to install it properly to avoid the unwanted users and to protect the network properly. It takes only a few minutes to setup Linksys router. The configuration management of these wireless routers is quite easy. This guide will explain Linksys set up and its related configuration management.

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How to Setup Wireless Router

Accessing the Configuration Menu

  • Connect your Linksys router to your computer with an Ethernet cable. This will ensure the connectivity while wireless network is being setup. Open a browser and enter the address of the router into the address bar.  Almost all Linksys router configuration is performed through
  • When you try to access the router from the web, it will ask for the username and password. The default password should be provided by the company. Most default usernames and passwords are “admin”.
  • Many latest Linksys routers are provided with an installation CD. This will allow you to configure settings without having to access it through a web browser.

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  • When you first launch the configuration utility, you will be taken to the Basic setup page. You may leave all these settings as they are, unless directed to change by your ISP. When you go to Wireless tab, you will be directed to the “Basic Wireless Settings”.
  • You will see a field named “Wireless Network Name (SSID)” in the menu. This name will be used for connecting to your wireless devices with the router. Make sure, you don’t give out any personal information as this name might be visible to all.
  • Enable “Wireless SSID Broadcast”. This step will turn on your wireless network, and makes it discoverable. Now click on the “Save Settings” button.
  • Click on the Wireless Security section. Set your security encryption type and password here. Set the encryption type to “WPA2” is possible as this is the latest secure mode to date. Assign a password for network users to connect to the wireless network.
  • Click on Save Settings button again. Your router will apply the necessary changes, and restart. Your wireless network will now be activated and secured fully.

how to configure router linksys

Setting Up Your Wireless Network

Advanced Settings

The users may go to the Advanced Settings option to setup parameters like forwarding ports, or restricting access to some websites.

This tutorial would have given you a clear picture to setup Linksys router. The basic Linksys router configuration takes only a few steps. It is one of the most popular types among ADSL routers. You need to plugin the telephone cable into ADSL port to allow your ISP to connect your home network to the world wide web.

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