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How To Connect Xbox 360 Controller to PC

by Fahad Saleem
Connect Xbox 360 Controller to PC



If you are tired with the typical keyboard and mouse configuration of PC gaming, then you should go for Xbox 360. This article will tell you how to connect Xbox 360 controller to PC. There could be two methods for connecting Xbox 360 controller to PC: either in the wireless or wired mode. The performance of the controller will be better in wired mode. For serious gamers, a little lag ion the wireless connectivity cannot be ignored. This article will discuss both methods for connecting your Xbox 360 controller to PC.

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How to Connect Wireless Xbox 360 Controller to PC

The procedure is not simple and you need to buy the wireless receiver for acting as an interface between PC and game controller.

Plug-in the Receiver

The wireless gaming receiver of Xbox 360 is available typically for $15.Plug it into the compatible USB port. The receiver will then sync the controller to the PC in very much the same way as the internal receivers of Xbox 360 sync controller to the console. When you have plugged in the device properly, green light will appear on the receiver indicating that it is working properly.

Connect Xbox 360 Controller to PC


Connect Xbox 360 Controller to PC

Installing Software

For proper syncing of wireless gaming receiver and Xbox 360 controller, you will have to install the software on PC. Go to the Microsoft hardware website, and then into the Software Downloads section. Click on the Gaming header and then click on the Xbox 360 wireless controller for the Windows link. Choose the version of software compatible with your Windows. Run the installed files when the download is complete.

Connect Xbox 360 Controller to PC

Syncing the Wireless Controller

Now, you have to sync your Xbox360 controller with your PC. For this purpose, you need to turn on your gaming controller by holding down the Xbox guide button in the centre of the controller. Wait for the green light to appear. Press the “Connect” button on top of the controller. The pairing process will be completed in a while. After that, you are ready to play games on PC with Xbox 360 controller.

How to Connect Wired Xbox 360 Controller to PC

This process is slightly different from that for the wireless Xbox 360 controller.

Install Software

Install the software of the wired Xbox 360 controller on your PC. The software installation CD is provded with the controller. Simply follow the on-screen installation steps. The software will install the required files on your PC.

Plug-in Your Wired Controller

When the software is installed successfully, you need to plug your wired device into PC using the USB port.

Test the Controller

The final step is to test the controller for its proper working. Go to the Run utility and type “joy.cpl” and hit Enter. Select Xbox 360 controller and click on properties. Now, you must make sure that the controls of the controller are working properly. Pull the triggers and move the joysticks which will ensure that you are able to manipulate the controls.


This article reviewed the easiest approach to connect Xbox 360 controller to PC. This can be accomplished either in wireless or wired mode. Both methods are straightforward and require installation of the software for the controller. You can now do wonders on PC games with Xbox 360 controller.





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