Connoisseur Africa Happening At ‘the House’/Alley | Feb 25

Connoisseur Africa is an event that transverses the globe to bring you culture, innovations and ventures founded and/or inspired by African descent. The event brings you a unique blend of vibes, culture, and business.

Attendees at the Connoisseur Africa can expect a wide range of happenings cutting from storytelling, live demos, live DJs, VC office hours, creative art, enterprise, entrepreneurship and Africa aficionandos.

You can follow the Connoisseur Africa activities on social media using the hashtag #ConnoisseurAfrica, for surprises head on to and on Instagram (@ByConnoisseur).

This event will take place at “the House” aka Alley, 500 Fashion Ave (7th Ave) Suite 17A, New York, NY 10018 on February 25 at 6:30 PM.

Connoisseur Africa is sponsored by the Connoisseur and AlleyNYC. Ventures that will feature at the event include Zuvaa, iYa Ventures, CRWN MAG and Whose Your Landlord.

RSVP to this event by clicking here and watch prior events hosted by Connoisseur Africa below;

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