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How to Control Home from iPhone

How to Control Home from iPhone

Have you ever wished to control your room lights or changing the Air Conditioner set point from your smartphone? Well, home control appliances for iPhones have made your wishes come true. You can control many of your home appliances that contain Wi-Fi support or some other wireless mode of communication with the smartphones. Some examples of such devices are ACs, lights, switches, dimmers, thermostats. This article presents some of the best apps with which you can control home from iPhone.


This is a handy app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to smartly control the devices at your home. You can control INSTEON light bulbs, outlets, wall switches, and thermostats. You can also receive instant alerts via text or emails from the motion and water leak sensors when you are away from home. It also supports multiple IP cameras and 100+ scenes.

MobiLinc App

This is a wonderful app that

allows your iPhones or iPod touch to control home appliances using Wi-Fi or cellular communication. MobiLinc supports real time monitoring of a huge number of INSTEON or X10 devices, 1024 programs, and 1024 scenes on your devices. You can control thermostats, lights, devices, programs, and irrigation system when you are away from your home. Home automation with the help of smart devices was never so easy.

Indigo Touch App

This app is a wonderful new software for iPhone, iPad,

and iPod touch devices. The app utilizes Wi-Fi, Edge, or 3G communication to remotely control your home appliances like lighting, HVAC, and sprinkles on your INSTEON network. You can access real-time updates of all supported INSTEON hardware. You can view any Indigo defined variables such as temperature, home mode, etc. Indigo touch requires Indigo software and PowerLinc controller.


eKeypad M1 App

It is a wonderful application that provides remote control of ELK, ISY, or NESS M1 system on your iPod or iPhone devices. This wonderful app allows you to view all aspects of your installation from lighting control to

alarm functionality. The application also supports control of thermostats and relays. You can also have the zone status information and bypass control. This professional version of the app is available for $99.99.

This article reviewed some of the top players in the field of controlling home appliances remotely. You can control home from iPhone with just the taps of your fingers now.



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