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Control Your Android Device From Windows 10 Cortana Using Tasker

by Fahad Saleem

Cortana virtual assistant is perhaps the best feature of Windows 10, making it stand out with prominence among all its predecessor versions. Cortana is arguably the smartest, fastest and most efficient virtual assistant in the modern virtual assistant ecosystem. I bet you didn’t know that you could use Windows 10 Cortana on Android too. Well, Android’s openness is what makes it amazing. You can use features and software across different platforms because of Android. Even though Cortana hasn’t yet been launched for Android officially, you can control your Android device using Cortana in Windows 10 on your PC or laptop and do some really useful things. All that is possible with Tasker, a famous task app that lets you automate your daily tasks. It is a massively famous app, which lets you do your tasks automatically based on location, time, temperature and other states. Tasker had a myriad of cross platform support plugins and patches, but recently, it is revealed that it could also be used with Windows 10.

Control Android Device with Cortana

You can make a control panel for Cortana in your Android phone with Tasker app. Tasker will sync with your PC using the companion app and plugins and you will be able to use and control your Android phone using Cortana and vice versa. Here’s how to do the magic.

Download Tasker app in your Android device.

Download and install plugins AutoVoice and AutoRemote from play store in your Android device.

Install the AutoRemote Chrome extension in your PC on Google Chrome.

Now right click the extension icon of AutoRemote in your Chrome. You will be able to add your Android device from here. Add your device and add Cortana commands.

Now download Tasker profile in your Android device.

Now import the downloaded Tasker profile in the Tasker app. You can do this by going to Profiles tab > Import and then browse for the file you downloaded in the above step.

Now set Google Chrome as your default browser in Windows 10. This is really important.

That’s it. If everything was setup correctly and the phone and PC were synced, you will be able to use your Windows 10 laptop or PC to control your Android phone. For instance, you could say “Call John” and the phone will initiate a call to John; or you could say “Turn off Wi-Fi” and Wi-Fi will be turned on in your Android device without even you touching it!

This is how you can automate your Android device using Cortana via Tasker. In case you face any confusion or problem, feel free to ask in the comments.

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