The Most Convenient Method of Installing Fonts on MAC OS X [Trick]

The Most Convenient Method of Installing Fonts on MAC OS X [Trick]

The trend of using old fashioned Comic San on the MAC OS X is now numbered. Currently users are on the lookout for innovative fonts that makes their text look as creative and gorgeous as possible. There are plenty of applications of using texts on the MAC OS X such as creating reports, making beautiful presentation in PowerPoint to catch the viewers’ eyes, using custom text on your photos for sharing them on social media. Today Innov8tiv Magazine looks at the procedure for installing types sets once you have downloaded them using MAC, Font Book’s best kept secret:

  • Close all applications: Close all application that uses fonts for typing texts: PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and Photoshop among others. The next time you open this applications, the new fonts will be applied for you.
  • Download Fonts and Find Fonts Folder: Once you have downloaded the fonts from the website, find and open the folder where it is downloaded. Typically the fonts are downloaded in the form of a zip file, so you will have to unzip it. They will be either TrueType (.ttf). PostScript Type (.psf) or OpenType (.otf).
  • Double-Click on the Font: once you click on the font, it will open the Font Book automatically for you. You will observe the dialog box containing the preview of the font. You need to click “Install Font”. It will be done in a matter of a few moments only.
  • Drag and Drop Files Alternately: If you have downloaded fonts containing different weights, you need to make sure that you grab all the files that have fonts with bold, italic, extra bold features contained in it. Select the files that you need and drop them into the Font Book Window.
  • Reopen All Applications: The new fonts are applied to all applications that support the use of text in writing.

Similar provisions are also available to Windows Users by following these steps: Go to Start button, Control Panel, Appearance and Personalization, Fonts. You will have to click File->Install New Fonts. Under Folders, click the fonts that you want to install and you are done. Using the new set of fonts you will improve the grace of your texts. The readers will be attracted to have a look at your writing scripts and prints. Your fonts will create fascination for readers to go through all of your reports and presentations.

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