Cosmos Android App Brings Wonderful Science Content to Your Phone

Cosmos Android App Brings Wonderful Science Content to Your Phone

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey was a show that debuted in 1980, and inspired many scientists and a whole generation. The series has now returned and along with it is a companion app that will give you the opportunity to explore the majesty and high scale of the cosmos while watching the show. There are video clips, behind-the-scenes clips and a cool calendar which shortens the entire lifetime of the universe into a year. This is the best app for all the science junkies out there who love to discover the far flung captivating science scenes by sitting at their couch.

You’ll also find information, trailers, galleries and many more things relating to each episode. As new episodes air, new sections unlock. Full episodes are unable to be watched on the app, but they will be available in the Fox Now streaming app. The show is hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson, who is an American astrophysicist and author.

The legacy of the show has lasted for so long, and now with its return, viewers are given better experience that wasn’t available in the past. A companion app is always something fun and lets you interact with the show on a new level. The breathtaking pictures and unique videos won’t be shown on TV, so getting the app is something any fan of the show would want to do. Many TV shows have released their companion apps because they offer more than just watching the show. You can only do so much on a TV, and in today’s world of smartphones and tablets you are given richer experience.

So if you’re a fan of this show, get the app and start experiencing the show like you have never before. The app is new, so expect a lot more cool things and content to be added to it later on, but right now it’s still a solid app to download free of charge. You can download the Cosmos: A Spacetime Oddysey from the Google Play.

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