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Cracked Windows 10 Touchscreen Computer? How to continue using without stuck-arrow disturbance

So I recently fell my laptop; actually it’s a 2-in-1 convertible device. You attached a keyboard and you get a laptop, detach it you get yourself a tablet. Recently this device took a dive onto the concrete and its screen became shattered; though not too much that you can use it, but enough to make the pointer act like you are tapping one area of the screen and holding it throughout.

Well the point where the pointer gets stuck is where the cracks seems to be emanating from as it spreads throughout the screen. Though you can still use the computer with the crack, it tends to get annoying that you can move the pointer from where it is stuck. You keep moving the mouse up and down, right and left the pointer will not move.

After a while I figured out, the crack makes the computer think I have tapped and hold at that one point at all times. Thus the pointer will not move anywhere else. So it became apparent I need to loose the touchscreen functionality for me to continue using my laptop.

How to Disable Touchscreen functionality in Windows 10 PC

Well, there is the long way, and there’s the short-cut. In this illustration let’s just take the shortcut; if you get to where we’re headed you will automatically know the long cut.

Click start and the on the Search bar field located right where Cortana is supposed to be popping up once in a while to tell you stuff, type in ‘Device Manager’.

Click on ‘Device Manager,’ at this point I am assuming that although you can’t really move your pointer much, when you move your mouse the pointer moves but then again moves back to where it was stuck in the first place. If that’s not an option then you will have to be good at using keyboard shortcut to operate your computer. Otherwise, it will be futile attempt as the stuck pointer will keep clicking all the wrong buttons and places making you stuck in an endless loop of frustration.

Assuming you are now at Device Manager > Human Interface Devices > HID-compliant touch screen.

Right click on HID-compliant touch screen and click on Disable

. At this point you will get a warning message asking you if turning the feature off is something that you really want. Go ahead and disable touchscreen feature.

When you’ve disable it, your pointer will be free to move about as you move your mouse. It will no longer recognize the touchscreen functionality, and the fact that the broken screen makes a tap and hold effect on the screen will no longer be an issue.

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