Create Beautiful and Colorful Infographics and Charts in Seconds Using Charted

Create Beautiful and Colorful Infographics and Charts in Seconds Using Charted

The business persons are always on a lookout for handy tools for analyzing data and generating charts from it. Whether you own a small business or a well accomplished large scale business, you always need infographics for promotion and analysis. Medium has unveiled a useful tool for creating gorgeous charts with the help of which you can analyze your projects in a variety of ways. This innovative tool is called “Charted” by the Product Science team at Medium aimed at analyzing data and communicating the findings with the team. I will review some wonderful features of Charted in this article.

Features of Charted

Charted imports the CSV file or the link to the Google spreadsheet and the tool will perform the rest for you. It will generate all the graphs you desire for analyzing your data. Take a look at the Apple’s sales mix for iPhones and iPads that was imported in Charted, and then it created a useful graph in seconds.

Charted works on the publicly available files on the servers such as Dropbox and Google Docs. You cannot upload the spreadsheets stored in your hard disk. The generated graphs are updated regularly. If you modify the data, the visualization follows it.

You cannot embed charts in Charted. However, Medium has crafted Charted as an open-source tool, so the developers can include more innovative features in it.

Charted is by no means a formatting tool. It contains only a few customization options. Medium hasn’t included such options deliberately to ensure ease of data handling. Medium doesn’t transform, or manipulate data.

You can easily toggle a chart between a line chart and a stacked column chart.


The second option available in the bottom right corner gives you the provision for rounding the values automatically or you can use the raw strings in the file.

You can edit the titles to give them the logical names. You can also add an optional note by clicking the option “add a note” section available below the title.

The Charted background color can be toggled to the white or black background from the Settings area in the top left.

You can download the data from the settings area also.

You can also modify the data file used for the chart by editing and saving the link in the settings area in the top left.

In short, Charted is a must have tool for data analysis and representation from various angles.


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