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How To Create Folders For Apps & Settings On Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8

by Fahad Saleem

Windows phone users often face difficulty in locating the folder for Apps particularly when they are switching from IOS or Android. The significance of folders is not that important in Windows OS as in Android, but still the users want to organize their apps like other data in the form of folders. On Mango and Windows Phone 7, homebrew solutions like folders enable the mobile users to have the leverage of organizing the data over their phone. Windows Phone 8 is missing this unique feature up to now.  Nokia has taken special notice of the lack of organization in WP8, and has now come up with the solution to organize the folders on the platform. ‘App Folder’ has been introduced that allows the Windows Phone 8 users to create new folders and store Apps in them. Courtesy of this new feature, you can store your shortcut of settings in these folders with the name of your own choice.

 App folder is quite a valuable little App that improves the arrangements of Apps and Settings’ shortcuts on your mobile. It is exclusively designed for Lumia.

 nokia lumia - 2

The App is fairly easy enough to drag your Apps and Settings directly into the folder, but it is not complicated either. The main page of the App contains a ‘+’ tab at the bottom for creating new folders. The main screen of the App provides you the central view from where you can arrange the individual folders as desired. You don’t even need to open each folder individually for that.

Getting started with the feature, you need to assign a unique name to the new folder. App Folder enables the users to add as many folders as they desire and add their apps and shortcuts for settings inside them. You need to swipe across the list of shortcuts and apps and tap individual thing to add to the folder being created. In order to find the desired App, you need to use the ‘search option’. You can optionally sort the list of Apps in plenty of ways such as according to the installation date or alphabetically.

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Once you have placed all the desired things in the folder, you can arrange them by dragging them to the proper place. Once you have made your adjustments, click the pin button at the bottom of the editing screen. The tiles of the folders can take shape from the three standard sizes in Windows Phone 8. The tile of each folder reveals the icons of the files enclosed in it. It would be ideal if the folder of Apps could deal with the notifications also. It would then require a live tile of folders.

App Folder is a very handy gadget that increases the usability of your Windows Phone 8. You can try this App for free from the link given below.

Install App Folder From Windows Phone 8 Store

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