How to Create Shortcuts for Calls, Emails, and Messages for Contacts in iPhone

How to Create Shortcuts for Calls, Emails, and Messages for Contacts in iPhone

Do you want to create workflows and automatic actions on your iOS devices? A newly released iOS app, named as “Workflow ($4.99)” enables users to use combination of more than 100 different actions for creating automatic workflows, ranging in complexity from simply to intricate. You can create call, email and SMS shortcuts on iPhone, as some examples from huge range of features of Workflow app. This article will take you through some awesome functions of Workflow.

Creating Shortcuts for Calls

Launch the app and click to the “+” button for creating a new workflow. Go to the Actions tab, tap an action, and then swipe it to the right for adding it to the workflow. Here, you are free for dragging the action up and down.

For creating shortcuts for calls, you need to tap the Actions button and search for the Phone Number. You are required to swipe the action to the right.

Now, you need to click the “+” button in the Phone Number section and then select the contact. You can also input the number manually.

Now, go back to the Actions tab, and then drag in the Call action. You need to tap the Gear icon and then give the workflow a name like Call (contact name). You can also choose an icon. At the moment, images are not supported.

To add workflow to the home screen, click the Gear icon in the workflow and choose the option of “Add to Home Screen”. This will bring up a page in Safari browser. You need to click the Share button, and then select “Add to Home Screen”.


Tap Done to save the workflow. When you click on the workflow icon, you will be directed to Call app immediately.

Creating Shortcuts for Emails

Most of the steps are similar as before. Instead of dragging phone numbers, you will have to drag email addresses.


Drag the action of “Send Email”. You need to tap the “To” field and select Variable, then input. This will take the email addresses as specified above and then add them to the “To” field.

Creating Shortcuts for Messages

You can send group messages by creating a workflow. Create a new workflow and drag in “Send Message” action. Select the contacts to which you want to send messages via workflow. You need to save the workflow once you are done. When you tap this workflow icon from home screen, it will start a new conversation thread with the contacts added to the workflow.

You must have realized the effectiveness of Workflow app by now. It is worth buying this app for automating virtually every action. The ability, to create call, email and SMS shortcuts on iPhone, is just a hint of a versatile range of features of Workflow app.

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