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CrowdPesa – Alumni of DEMO Africa Setting New Standards In Ecommerce

by Felix Omondi

CrowdPesa – Alumni of DEMO Africa Setting New Standards In Ecommerce

CrowdPesa – Alumni of DEMO Africa Setting New Standards In EcommerceYesterday Innov8tiv Magazine featured an article on DEMO Africa 2014 event which has over the years become quite a formidable launch pad for Africa’s emerging technology and trends. Today we take a look at one of the Startups that debuted at DEMO Africa and is now an alumni of DEMO Africa and making considerable positive input in the ecommerce market in Kenya dubbed CrowdPesa.

CrowdPesa is an ecommerce website and is the brainchild of two Kenyan innovators John Karanja and Patrick Maina, who co-founded the CrowdPesa’s parent company back in 2011. They first started off by launching the “CrowdPesa Brand” and the “near you service”, which had successful run. Riding on this success they later launched an innovative ecommerce platform the a creative website which enables retailers to showcase their geographical location on a map, targeting the right type of consumers.

CrowdPesa website works by essentially linking the right retailer to the right consumers based on a geographical map with reference to the consumer’s current location. For instance, if a consumer is looking to buy a certain product, but has no clue as to where the right type of retailer is located, or is just looking at widening his/her consumer choice. That given consumer can easily use his/her mobile phone to search for the closest Merchant Outlet that stocks the type of products s/he is looking for. All at the convenience of their mobile phone, this will give the consumer the exact location of the various retailers with reference to the current geographical location of the retailer.

I personally tried using the site looking for a restaurant near me, and the below map is what gave me.The Blue balloon shows my current location, the Yellow balloon show the Banks in my vicinity, the Grey balloon showing all the Restaurants and Cafes around me and the Green balloon showing all the Shopping Malls around me.

Screen Shot of the Author's current location

Screen Shot of the Author using the

Hence the consumer can identify the right retailer and go buy whatever s/he is looking for with regards to the most convenient distance from his current location. On the other hand, this website’s best serves the need for merchants who are trying to attract more customers to their premises. Once the retailer post what he has to sell on this will literally put the merchant on the radar when the right consumer is looking to buy the products stocked by the given merchant. But unlike conventional advertisement, the consumer gets to know the exact geographical location of the retailer and can easily approach the retailer.

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