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Cry Translator – Can This App Translate Your Baby’s Cries Into Words?

by Milicent Atieno

Babies are a blessing; they are adorable, innocent and always have a way of making one smile.

But not always! Sometimes they come off as inconsiderate little people. I mean they can decide to cry out their lungs at the oddest hours of the night, they speak this language nobody understands and they expect you to know exactly what’s wrong with them and do literally everything for them.

The experience is horrifying especially for first-time parents. When the baby crying, you try guessing all the things that could be wrong with them, since they can’t tell you. They expect you to know what they want even without telling you what they wantCry Translator – This App Can Translate Your Baby’s Cries Into Words

Sometimes they get carried away and decide they would like to hear their own crying voice throughout the night. Without any consideration of just how tired you are, how early you have to wake up in the morning or the fact that you just put them to bed like (literally) two minutes ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I love babies. I think they are the embodiment of Angelic beings. I just wish I could understand them whenever they decide to get cranky.

Well, there’s an app for that! Cry Translator is an indie app that records 10 seconds of your little angel’s cries and runs the sound through an algorithm and tells you what your baby needs. If the baby is hungry, in need to diaper change, feeling sleepy (why do they cry when sleepy, why not just fall asleep?), they are hurting, or they are wet. The Cry Translator will tell you exactly what wrong with them.

The app is a creation by a Taiwanese developer who claims that the Cry Translator app is 92% accurate for babies less than two weeks old. They developed the app in two years’ time, and in that time, they recorded over 200,000 episodes of babies crying featuring over 100 different babies. They then correlated the data collected with the app to come up with an algorithm that shows which type of cry means, which kind of discomfort the baby has.

So the next time your less than two-weeks-old angel is crying, just take out your smartphone, run the app and record his or her cries. Then, let Cry Translator tell you exactly what is wrong with your baby. Who knows, we might finally have a piece of technology that translates our babies cries for us.

To give the Cry Translator app a try on your iOS device, head on to iTunes Store to download the app.

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