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Cryptocurrency – the Journey of the Last Decade!



If you have heard about bitcoin, you might also be very well aware of bitcoin pizza day because it was celebrated on May 22. It was the first time bitcoin was ever used to make a commercial transaction by purchasing a pizza. The transaction was for 10,000 bitcoins, but now, it is valued at more than $352.4 million. It is such a massive amount of money but back then, it was nothing to the people. Then, we will see the history of bitcoin over the past ten years to understand how it has behaved in the market. If you are planning to trade Bitcoins, consider knowing the New Technologies That Have Improved Bitcoin Trading.


Bitcoin became a little bit more popular among the people and, therefore, has reached the value of $250. Of course, it was not so popular that it could be sold in the international market, but still, the valuation was done within a small part of bitcoin and not wholly.


As soon as 2013 approached, people got to know more about bitcoin. One primary reason behind the people paying attention to bitcoin is its value has increased. By the end of 2013, the value of bitcoin was roughly around $1164, double its value in 2012. So, people got to know about bitcoin and started to pay attention to it.


Due to the price volatility, bitcoin again experienced a downfall in its prices back in 2014. It was not a mainstream evaluation in 2014, but still, bitcoin experienced a high degree of politics throughout the year. But, at the end of the year, the valuation of bitcoin was almost 760 $. The primary reason for the crash of bitcoin’s value was never identified, but still, it is considered to be because of the market volatility only.


2015 is not considered to be an excellent year for bitcoin because of specific reasons. The first one is the extreme volatility only. Bitcoin has always experienced high price volatility; therefore, it lost more than 241% in its valuation. By the end of 2015, bitcoin’s valuation was almost 315 $ per bitcoin, but people knew that it would come up again.


This year came to be incredible for bitcoin because the valuation started to increase again. People started to put their money in bitcoin because of specific reasons, and it has led the bitcoin to jump over to $433. Later on, in December 2016, the valuation of bitcoin was measured at more than $959. It was a 121% increase in its value in the same here in there for, it became an incredible investment opportunity.


It was the first time in 2017 that bitcoin touched the $1000 mark. At the beginning of 2017, many experts said that bitcoin would not be a mainstream technology. Also, some experts called bitcoin fraud money. Later, they took your words back when the value of bitcoin was as high as $20,000 in March 2017.


After experiencing great hype in 2017, the future of bitcoin was presumed to be very good. However, 2018 does not come out to be that year. In 2018, the future of bitcoin seemed like it would not make it to another year. But, as a part of the volatility, the bitcoin prices crashed to a significantly lower value. In 2018, bitcoin closed at $3200 and experienced a loss of more than 600%.


Due to the 2018 crash, the valuation of bitcoins in 2019 was hovering around $3190. By June, bitcoin again reached $10,000, and the market’s expectations increased. However, towards the end of 2019, bitcoin again started to go down and reached a value of $7100. It was not a very good year for bitcoin, but if we consider the start, it was incredible, and people started to develop their trust again.


The valuation of bitcoin in 2020 was almost around $7200 in the initial months, but, later on, towards November, it reached more than $18,000, which again became an important topic.


2021 was one of the most incredible years for bitcoin. The bitcoin value started to increase initially because tech giant Tesla started to accept bitcoin. In the initial stages of the year, it reached more than the value of $40,000, but, later on, there was more to come. In November, bitcoin experienced a value of more than $69,000, which is the highest value of all time for BTC.

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