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How To Customize iOS 7 Home Screen, Icons and Layouts

by Fahad Saleem

How To Customize iOS 7 Home Screen, Icons and Layouts

Home screen customization has been the best feature of Android OS. The same cannot be said about the iOS system. Unless you have a “jailbroken” device, it’s impossible to make changes on an Apple product because Apple tends to get a bit touchy about letting external apps make tweaks on its operating system.

Well  iOS 7 is now in the market, and we have received lots of queries about iOS 7 related tweaks and apps. Today, we will offer a solution for the most requested of them all which is:  How to customize the home screen in iOS 7. Again, we will refer to the Cydia store for this, since we have nowhere else to go in iOS.

Once inside the store, look for HomeScreenDesigner. This amazing app lets you customize and change the layout of the iOS 7 home screen.

homescreen designer -1

You can change the layouts, tilt the Springboards, apply different layout shifts to the buttons and icons or  use the layouts you like from the thousands of designs other users have created.  HomeScreenDesigner has a drag and drop configuration which lets even a layman enjoy the customized iPhone screen with just a few hovers and taps. To make a layout for your home screen using this nifty app, Hit the HomeScreenDesigner’s ‘Layout Maker’ and start adding dummy icons of your choice by pressing the ‘+’ button or you can easily drag and drop the icons anywhere you want, and they will get adjusted to their correct position.

homescreen designer - 2

To make the icons fit in order, you must toggle the ‘Grid’ mode using the ‘Options’ button. You can also add different Springboards and background images in multiple pages of your iPhone. Plus, you can use the‘Upload’ option and save the themes and layouts you have made.

You can also use the “Saved” tab, choose a layout, and select the page where you want to apply it. There is another option called ‘Placeholder icons’ which allows you to preview the icon or theme during the design phase and decide if you like it before applying it. This amazing app lets you customize the iOS 7 Home Screen. This handy app comes with a price tag of $1.99, which is very reasonable for something that I look at daily.  

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