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How to Customize Start Menu in Windows 10

How to Customize Start Menu in Windows 10

The Start Menu in Windows 10 takes the basic idea from the conventional Start Menu of Windows 7, but it brings some surprises with it. As the technical preview of Windows 10 is released, Microsoft has returned the Start Menu to its original place, but with somewhat different behavior. It displays a dual personality of Start Menu and Start Screen. This article reviews how to customize the Start Menu so that you can utilize its features completely.

We assume that you have installed the technical preview of Windows 10 on your PC. Click on the Start button as the Windows appears. You will observe the new Start Menu with its hybrid approach. On the left menu, you can see the icons for accessing your applications and settings. On the right side you can see the screen full of tiles to the Windows apps displays so that you can access your favorite Windows apps right from the menu.

Click on any shortcut on the left column for opening the particular program or settings. Similarly, click on any tile in the right screen to launch that app. Click on the familiar All Apps setting, and you will see the standard Start Screen apps and folders. If you need to search for an app, file, or other items, you need to type the desired keyword in the search field provided. A list of suggestions will be shown matching with your queries. You can also perform this task by clicking on the Search icon, but in that case Windows will also show recent and trending searches.

There is a power button on top of the Start Menu next to your name. The Windows will show the options of shutting down or restarting your system. Right-clicking your account name will show the options of changing account picture, locking or signing out.

You can also add tiles of your choice in the Start Menu. Right click on any folder or file that you want to add to the Start Menu. Click on Pin to Start option. The tile for your desired application will be shown on the right side of the Start Menu now. You may also use the option of Pin to Taskbar for placing a quick launch link of the application in the taskbar. If you want to remove any icon from the list, right-click on it and choose the option of “Remove from this list”.

If you want to manage certain apps, then click on All Apps setting. Right-click on any app to show four options: Resize, Uninstall, Pin to Start (or vice versa), Pin to Taskbar (or vice versa).

These were some of the options available in the Start Menu of Windows 10. Indeed, you can customize Windows 10 start menu in plenty of ways.

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