Customizing iOS7 Interface With HideMe7 Software

Customizing iOS7 Interface With HideMe7 Software

Cydia has many tweaks available for iOS. Some let you change details, other let you add different fonts, themes and designs. Making tweaks to UI elements is the most fun though. Most tweak software focus on a specific area of the UI, like the lock screen or icons. HideMe7 is a tweak software that allows you to tweak your UI, but what makes it so great is that it lets you make changes to many important parts of the iOS. This little tweak gives you the option to hide UI elements from the springboard, lock-screen, Notification center, folders and Control Center.


HideMe7 adds an extra menu of it’s own to the default Setting app. Separate sections for different areas of the iOS are given and the option to configure this is simple. As you can see, beside each UI element, there are toggles. The status of these toggles decide the visibility of specific UI elements. For example, slide the toggle of “Hide Date” to the left, and voila! The date will now be hidden. There are titles to each area, for example; “LOCKSCREEN”. So you can hide the date in the lock-screen but keep it visible in the springboard. HideMe7 only hides elements, so your iPhone won’t be looking like it came from some other world. There are literally areas for every part of the OS; status-bar, messages, music, springboard, lock-screen, videos, etc. If there’s an element you don’t like or want to hide, HideMe7 will probably be able to do that for you.


One of the most interesting and populated area in the HideMe7 sections is the status bar area. You have the ability to hide almost any icon that shows up in the status bar. Texting is one of the most important things people do on their phones, so HideMe7 decided to make a whole section dedicated to messages. You can make changes to time-stamp, message type, SMS bubbles and much more. Some people accidentally hit the store button when they listen to music on their iPhone, HideMe7 gives you the option to hide that button too.

Overall, HideMe7 is a small but very useful tweak. There are many elements of the UI that everyone has different opinions on. Some may like them, others might not. HideMe7 gives the opportunity to make changes across the whole operating system, not just one specific area. It’s a tweak definitely worth having. Head over to BigBoss repo and get it for just $0.99.

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