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Cutting Edge Sports Betting Apps


Convenience through apps has become an integral part of day to day life across a variety of sectors in the 21st century.

Scheduling and organizing daily life whilst on the move is very much part of the new normal and this increased autonomy has filtered down into the world of sports betting too.

Gone are the days of having to physically visit a bookmaker and hand over cash or even fire up the laptop to place a sports bet for the upcoming fixtures.

Sports Betting Apps are cutting edge innovations that are intrinsically linked within the comings and goings of society.

With ever-changing in-play odds and live streaming options at the touch of a button, sports betting apps are at the height of technological trends and there are a multitude of companies all vying to create the most relevant and sought after sports betting app.

Here is a breakdown of some of the best sports betting apps on the market and some tips to look out for when choosing the best sports betting app for you:

888 Sport – When it comes to offering a varied and reliable set of sports betting odds, very few companies can compete with 888 Sport. Having been a major player on the European betting scene for nearly two decades, 888 Sport is licensed and regulated in the UK and is known for offering some of the best odds available to punters. They also have one of the best apps on the market for in-play betting and navigation, making them the perfect bookmaker to bet with whilst on the go.

Betfair – Having an app you can use with optimum ease is essential for punters looking to make as much money as possible and few sports betting apps compete with Betfair. Instantaneous live odds are available from the moment punters log on to the Betfair app whilst the interface allows players to access a wealth of sports betting markets. With excellent promotional offers for new and existing customers too, Betfair have one of the best sports betting apps on the market.

Bet365 – Globally, very few bookmakers are as renowned as Bet365 and central to their appeal is the sheer magnitude of their sportsbook. With markets and odds offered across a broad range of sports and other relevant markets, punters are spoiled for choice with the Bet365 betting app. It is also very user friendly with excellent security levels making it an excellent choice for punters as they look to win money whilst on the move. If you want to find out about more apps and learn how to select a good sports betting app, read the Bet Types betting app guide –

Use the App Specific Offers

Bookmakers the world over are all too aware of the growing trend for in-app sports betting and they are keen to direct their users towards betting whilst on the go.

With live odds across a plethora of markets, betting has never been simpler to punters and bookies want to entice people to bet.

Whilst this is a transparent ploy from bookmakers, it also presents an opportunity for punters to win big through app specific sports betting offers.

Both new and existing customers can benefit hugely from the promotions sports bookmakers offer to their players and not having to dig into your own personal account to place a bet is always beneficial for players.

So, whether it be a free bet token for using the app or a risk-free bet on a certain sporting event, always look to use the app specific sports betting offers.

Live Betting

The fundamental appeal for most fans of sports betting through an app is the opportunity to bet as the action unfolds.

Few thrills can replicate the drama of live sport and betting at the touch of a button as the game is played out is enthralling for sports betting enthusiasts.

Be sure to look out for the sports betting app you find easiest to use and get stuck in to your live sports betting journey.

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